The heaviest and most sophisticated kinds of armour use their own power source increasing the user's strength. Power armour adds +20 to the wearer's Strength and increases his size by one step (so an average human would become hulking). Power armour also requires a constant power supply, which must be carried by the wearer (usually as an integrated back pack). A standard power supply lasts for 1d5 hours before it needs to be replaced or recharged.

Power Armour Location(s) Covered AP Wt Cost Availibility
Light Power Armour All 7 40kg 8,500 Very Rare
Power Armour All 8 65kg 15,000 Very Rare
Light Tesla Armour All 6* 40kg 10,000 Very Rare
Tesla Armour All 7* 65kg 17,500 Very Rare

* This armour offers double AP against Energy weapons and damage