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Each player character in Fallout: Dark has an origin (known as a homeworld in Dark Heresy).

In Fallout: Dark there are the following Origins to choose from:

  • Tribal (Feral World) - Tribals are generally groups with a primitive age lifestyle (although some exceptions exist), with their own beliefs, culture, customs and sometimes with their own language. Their identity is determined by culture and lineage rather than by geography.
  • Wastelander (Hive World) - Wastelander is a catch-all term for anyone living in the wasteland who may or may not be affiliated with any other groups. They make a subsistence living off the land, trading with local settlements and trying not to be ravaged by the abundant (and usually hostile) wildlife, gangs and slavers.
  • Remnant (Imperial World) - A remnant is a colloquial term for anyone who lives (or has recently lived) in an area of stability and government made possible by superior pre-war tech. Often wary of those less-privileged, these rare and guarded communities must rely on regular caravan routes with other settlements, trading its superior resourced and capabilities for raw materials, fuel, assets and support.
  • Vault Dweller (Void Born) - A vault dweller is any person who lives (or has recently lived) in one of the Vault-Tec Vaults. A vault is a type of subterranean installation initially designed by the Vault-Tec Corporation, later constructed in collaboration with RobCo Industries. Officially, they were designed for the sole purpose of sheltering up to one thousand individuals in the event of a nuclear holocaust; however, in reality, they were part of a series of secret experiments orchestrated by the government.
  • Ghoul - Ghouls or necrotic post-humans, are decrepit, rotting, zombie-like mutants. They are recipients of intense and prolonged radiation sickness which decays their skin, and in some case their ligaments. Paradoxically, they also have greatly extended overall lifespans and are, allegedly, immune to and even regenerate health by the hazards of background radiation and/or nuclear fallout.