Combat armour is made of densely layered plates of ceramic over a suit of impact-absorbent material. It is heavy to wear and cannot easily cover flexible areas such as joints, but it offers significantly better protection than lighter kinds of armour. Perfected for use by the military before the Great War, combat armour remains a valuable asset to any combat force in the wasteland.

Combat Armour Location(s) Covered AP Wt Cost Availibility
Combat Helmet Head 4 2kg 250 Scarce
Combat Vambraces Arms 5 2kg 300 Scarce
Combat Greaves Legs 5 3kg 375 Scarce
Light Combat Armour Arms, Body, Legs 5 15kg 575 Scarce
Combat Chest Plate Body 6 7kg 600 Scarce
Full Combat Armour All 6 17kg 3,750 Rare