Follow these steps to create your character in Fallout using converted Dark Heresy rules;

Stage I: Origin Edit

Your Origin (Homeworld) is how your character grew up where they come from. Choose one origin from among the list:

List of Origins:

  • Tribal
  • Wastelander
  • Remnant
  • Vault Dweller
  • Ghoul

Stage II: Generate SPECIAL Characteristics Edit

Your SPECIAL represent the basic characteristics of your character. Each characteristic (except Luck) is generated by rolling 2d10 and adding a bonus dependant on your Origin.

List of SPECIAL Characteristics:

  • S - Strength
  • P - Perception
  • E - Endurance (Toughness)
  • C - Charisma (Fellowship)
  • I - Intelligence
  • A - Agility
  • L - Luck (Fate Points)

Stage III: Determine Career Path Edit

Your Career Path is how your character has decided to survive and solve problems in Fallout. It determines what skills and perks you will have access to as your progress in the game. Choose one career path from among this list:

List of Career Paths:

  • Adept
  • Enforcer

Stage IV: Spend Experience Points & Buy Equipment Edit

This is where you can further customise your character. All characters begins with 400xp to represent their life before the game begins. Characters also start with an amount of money dictated by their career path to spend on equipment.

Stage V: Bringing your Character to life Edit

Once all the number are finished with it is time to flesh out your character. This stage is about determining their appearance, their past, temperament, beliefs and more.

Stage VI: Play Fallout: Dark Edit

With all this complete you're ready to play in the world of Fallout!