Character Creation: You must choose a career path at character creation or take the G.O.A.T to determine one.

Each player character in Fallout: Dark has a career path (known by the same name in Dark Heresy).

In Fallout: Dark there are the following career paths to choose from.

  • Killer (Assassin) - You like to kill stuff in your own special way and prefer to stay out of sight when things get bad!
  • Brains (Adept) - You're so smart and know lots of things, but sometimes other people just don't understand you!
  • Enforcer (Arbitrator) - You always make sure people pay for their misdeeds even if it means you get into big trouble!
  • Leader (Cleric) - You have some great ideas and want to share them with everybody, but you hate it when they don't listen!
  • Soldier (Guardsman) - You're the warrior of our future and love to be really dangerous, which often gets you hurt!
  • Scoundrel (Scum) - You're great at getting out of tricky situations with a little cunning, even if it means people hate you!