Character creation: Each player must determine their SPECIAL attributes by rolling dice and referring to bonuses offered by their origin. Next Step: Skills

Each attribute (except Luck) is between 0-100, where 30 is the average.

When rolling a test (with a d100) the result should aim to be as low as possible, so as to be lower than the tested attribute. Every clear 10 points under the attribute is an additional success. Every 10 points over the attribute is an additional failure.

In Fallout: Dark every character and monster has a score in each of the following attributes:

  • Strength (S) - "S is for Strength, and that means I am strong! I can carry lots of toys and swing stuff all day long!"
  • Perception (Per) - "Per" is for Perception, a long funny word! It means what I tasted, smell, saw and heard!
  • Endurance (En) (Toughness) - "En" is for Endurance, and that's how long I can play! I'm always really healthy, and have energy all day!
  • Charisma (Cha) (Fellowship) - "Cha" is for Charisma, it's why people think I'm great! I make my friends all laugh and smile, and never want to hate!
  • Intelligence (Int) - "Int" is for Intelligence, it means I'm really smart! I use my brain for lots of stuff, like science, math and art!
  • Agility (Ag) - "Ag" is for Agility, that's how I get around! I move real fast and easy, and I never make a sound!
  • Luck (L) (Fate Points) - "L" is for Luck, and it's simple, you see! It means that good things always happen to me!

Luck Edit

Luck works differently from all other Characteristics. It replaces the role of Fate Points in the Dark Heresy rulebook.